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NAVI AI New Ventures


Hub NAVI AI New Ventures was born in 2020 from a common ambition of the company Wisidea Ventures, an accelerator of technology-based companies and TECNOPUC, the largest technology park in Latin America located at PUCRS.

Artificial Intelligence is the technology that is revolutionizing the way we live. Not surprisingly, the famous phrase "data is the new oil" is more real than ever in the modern world we live in today. A survey conducted by cloud data storage company Domo in 2018 estimated that approximately 2.5 quintillion of data is produced every day. In 2020, it was estimated that each person produces 1.7 megabytes per second. This data holds immense values for society and Artificial Intelligence is the tool through which we can generate a better future for society.

Following market trends and society's demands for better personalized products and services, as well as the need to optimize results, TECNOPUC joined efforts with the company Wisidea to create an Artificial Intelligence Hub designed to unite entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, scholars and interested.


The Hub NAVI AI New Ventures is located in Building 95C of TECNOPUC. The close contact with other startups and companies in the technology park due to the strategic positioning of the hub allows constant exchange of experiences between entrepreneurs and researchers from different fields of activity.

The Hub provides a differentiated experience by catalyzing connections, uniting businesses, developing startups, fostering research and encouraging entrepreneurship with socio-environmental impacts.

The Hub combines the Tecnopuc ecosystem with the internal space to promote connections.

Tecnopuc is PUCRS' Science and Technology Park, a connected and global innovation ecosystem.


The Park's mission is to transform knowledge into social and economic development and be a vector for the transformation of the University and society.

Tecnopuc works collaboratively, promoting a world-class business environment, involving people, creativity, innovation and impact.

The ecosystem has more than 6,200 people, 178 organizations and 150 connections to innovation environments in Brazil and worldwide.


The park has been awarded the Best Scientific and Technological Park in Brazil three times by Anprotec.

NAVI has a qualified team in several areas of knowledge. Multidisciplinary action is understood as the essential support that entrepreneurs need to bring their dreams to life. Startups and entrepreneurs can count on the help of the NAVI team and partners on several fronts:









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