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Ethics - Innovation - Transformation 

Our proposal

Data Science Training for 10  weeks

Agile and practical teaching methodology that seeks complete development in hard and soft skills

Through real challenges

proposed by  mercado

About the Initiative

NAVI Bootcamp, an initiative that seeks to train software developers, business leaders and professionals from different backgrounds in the areas of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Business Managers



Instead of looking for increasingly competitive and expensive professionals outside the company, NAVI Bootcamp allows companies to invest in the internal training of their employees to work in areas that are increasingly present in everyday business, such as Data Science and Artificial intelligence.

Who is NAVI Bootcamp for

Software Developers

Systems Analysts

IT engineers

C-Executives  (COO, CEO, CTO)

 Business and Product Analysts

 Technical Leaders and Managers

Due to the Bootcamp format, it is imperative that candidates

have minimal knowledge in Programming, Mathematics and Statistics.

Our Methodology

There are 10 weekly remote meetings to solve a real problem, through teams organized by Squads , and highly qualified mentors with content curated by NAVI.

Weekly meetings with mentors

Expected Hours: 40 hours

Challenge concluded


Kick-off (sprint 1)

Sprint 3


Main Challenge

sprint 2

Sprint 4

Our Mentors

Doctor in Theoretical Physics and Entrepreneur.

Doctor in Computational Physics and Entrepreneur.

Doctor in Computer Science at PUCRS  Master and Bachelor in Computer Science at UFRGS.


With a highly qualified team, the bootcamp not only enriched my knowledge, but also increased my profile's visibility for large companies and opened up new opportunities for advancement in my professional career.

Maria Lujan

  • Will the real case proposed in Bootcamp be solved?
    The resolution of the challenge will depend on the level of complexity proposed by the company.
  • Is there a minimum number of participants per Squad?
    Yes! Minimum 3 and maximum 5 members per Squad.
  • Is the material used during Bootcamp classes 100% free?
    Yes! All the material necessary for the learning process is already included.
  • If I need to build a team from scratch for my company, can I?
    Yes, we have three models of employee training: internal, external and mixed. In the external and mixed model, NAVI Bootcamp together with the company performs a selection of participants who want to train in data science.
  • Should the student be absorbed as a contributor at the end of the NAVI Bootcamp?
    It is up to the company to offer continuity of collaboration after NAVI Bootcamp.
  • How are squads formed?
    On a case-by-case basis, the profile of employees is at the discretion of the company and the selection process.
  • Can my company deliver a real challenge to NAVI Bootcamp?
    Yes, however it must be aligned with the mentors. But if you don't act, we will propose a real challenge with the partners.
  • Will NAVI Bootcamp carry out the student recruitment and selection process?
    Yes, in the mixed and external model we carry out the recruitment, selection and dissemination process with the company.
  • Can my company propose more than one challenge?
    Yes, if you choose more than one squad.
  • What are the necessary requirements for the contributor to participate in the NAVI Bootcamp?
    Basics of mathematics and statistics; Have experience in data visualization; Programming Basics.
  • What would be the contents studied?
    NAVI Bootcamp covers all Data Science content, from graphical visualizations, through Unsupervised and Supervised Machine Learning, to the frontiers of Deep Learning. Some of the techniques covered are: - K-means clustering - K-nearest neighbors - Main Component Analysis - Linear Regression - Logistic Regression - Ensemble Methods (XGBoost, CatBoost etc.) - Deep Learning Remembering that the algorithms used will depend on the problem to be solved, proposed by the company, by NAVI Bootcamp and will be given as mentoring materials.
  • When will the mentoring take place?
    Monitoring will be done weekly remotely, lasting 1 hour, normally outside business hours, and can be adjusted with the mentors.

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