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"Knowledge, more than ever, must be thought of in an interdisciplinary way. When we seek AI tools, such as machine learning, to better understand society, we are helping Science and Society."

Henrique Carlos de Oliveira de Castro 

Partner and Co-founder of Hub NAVI

The Hub is committed to fostering and encouraging research in the field of Artificial Intelligence, based on os  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ The projects are carried out in partnership with PUCRS, with undergraduate and graduate professors and researchers from several universities, according to the lines of research and convergences between the demands of cada  projects.


Grupo Pirandello (UFRGS) combines knowledge of Social Sciences with uses of Artificial Intelligence tools to propose and test theories about human society. 

The survey results are shared with the companies that support NAVI. The projects, after being developed, are formatted for applied solutions that can be incorporated into the routines of the Hub's partner organizations.

It is understood that the association between Artificial Intelligence and relevant themes in the context of sustainable development contributes to the structuring of innovative paths. In a context of disruptive changes, this approach seeks precisely to identify and work in the best way unexplored opportunities under the bias of AI and, thereby, generate value for society and the business world. 

Research Groups linked to NAVI

AIRES 600x600.png

The AI Robotics Ethics Society (AIRES) is a non-profit organization founded in 2018 by Aaron Hui to promote awareness and the importance of ethical implementation and regulation of AI. AIRES is today an organization with chapters at universities such as UCLA (Los Angeles), USC (University of Southern California), Caltech (California Institute of Technology), Stanford University, Cornell University, Brown University and the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. South (Brazil).

AIRES at PUCRS is the first international chapter of AIRES, and as such, we are committed to promoting and enhancing the AIRES Mission. Our mission is to focus on educating tomorrow's AI leaders in ethical principles, to ensure that AI is created ethically and responsibly.

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