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The program was developed for startups in the early stages of structuring that understand the application of Artificial Intelligence as a competitive differential in their products and services, and that have already developed an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to start validation with customers and/or users. ​


The program lasts for 12 months and is divided into 4 stages. Focusing on the development of startups and entrepreneurs, the program seeks, at the end of the process, to consolidate an attractive and recurring rate of growth for the startup, business sustainability and financial funding for leverage. ​


For this to happen, the Hub employs the sweat equity of its employees, aiming at agility, quality and dexterity in the efforts applied to the startups' product and service. We understand that the initial phases of a startup are challenging and with restricted levels of financial investment. Therefore, the workforce aims to support the needs aligned with the startup's strategy, adding value to the business with gains in scale.

"We understand entrepreneurs as individuals, we appreciate their originality and value their resilience. We feel responsible for helping them transform their dreams and promises into unique and enduring startups."

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The formatting of the program is similar to de venture studio  and therefore we work together to validate the concept of operating, launching and scaling new businesses. For this, we seek to support the startup on the various fronts necessary for the success of the business such as design, marketing, sales, finance and management. Through the training of NAVI members and partners, startups can count on support in all demands.


The survey results are shared with the companies that support NAVI. The projects, after being developed, are formatted for applied solutions that can be incorporated into the routines of the Hub's partner organizations.

It is understood that the association between Artificial Intelligence and relevant themes in the context of sustainable development contributes to the structuring of innovative paths. In a context of disruptive changes, this approach seeks precisely to identify and work in the best way unexplored opportunities under the bias of AI and, thereby, generate value for society and the business world. 


Our program is based on   4 steps   developed over 12 months (48 weeks):


Initial business model validation meetings, study of available content and configuration of the tool with deliverables

Duration: 15 days


Review and testing of the MVP, as well as assessment of features required for market launch.

Duration: 2 first months


Validation and review of product and growth strategies/hypotheses.  Involves establishing connections with other startups and corporations, partnerships, interaction with AI researchers, participation in specialized events, etc.

Duration: From the 3rd month to the end.


It involves the preparation and presentation to investors and support in attracting new investments.

Duration: From the 9th month to the end.


Differentiated space in one of the largest innovation centers in Brazil;

Physical presence and interaction with AI experts and researchers;​

Interface with major market players interested in AI solutions;

Possibility of a paid scholarship during the 12 months for the entrepreneur dedicated to the NAVI Program;


Support in legal and accounting issues of startups through established partnerships;


Amazon Web Services Program – Activate for Startups;

Mentoring with entrepreneurs and market executives;

Support in national and international fundraising projects;

Connection with companies in the Tecnopuc ecosystem;

Presentation to investors;

Internationalization Program (Tecnopuc has cooperation agreements with Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, United States, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom and Russia);

Access to laboratories (Tecnopuc FabLab and Tecnopuc UsaLab) and Research centers at PUCRS;

Environments for holding events of different sizes, such as auditoriums and rooms;

Meeting and videoconferencing rooms;

Conveniences of the PUCRS Campus, which have parking, restaurants, cafes, snack bars, banks, shops and other services.


We seek the intensive engagement of the founder(s) in the NAVI Program, so the physical presence in the NAVI space or remote availability of at least one of the startup founders throughout the Program is necessary for proper monitoring;

Startup performance is evaluated according to agreed metrics through quarterly checkpoints;

The  equity   included in the Program is defined according to the degree of maturity of the project/startup.

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