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The Hub aims to get closer to the market through the production of innovative content and solutions in the vast area of ​​activity of Artificial Intelligence. For this, the space promotes the development of courses and specific solutions in accordance with market demands.

The Lab emerges as a response to the need for constant qualifications, improvement of technical skills and the so-called soft skills, as well as meeting the demands of companies that understand the Hub as a space for offering personalized and quality solutions.


By far the biggest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too soon that they understand it.

– Eliezer Yudkowsky, writer and artificial intelligence researcher

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Courses in the most diverse areas of knowledge. Qualify your staff and invest in your company's productivity.

Coming soon 



We have a hub of qualified professionals for the various AI demands your company needs. Together with the hub startups and the expertise of the NAVI team, we offer customized solutions. Get in touch and discover the possibilities!

Open Innovation
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