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Smart Cities AI Hub

Collaborative Hub of Artificial Intelligence for the Public Area, promoted by PROCEMPA and Hub NAVI AI New Ventures, being an initiative that proposes an integrated action and continuous improvement of public services involving AI.

The platform uses convolutional neural networks, a technique that allows the identification of complex patterns in images, videos and other types of data. With this, we can develop customized solutions for various sectors, including health, public management, public safety, urbanism, among others. The Hub is collaborative, that is, in addition to participants being able to collaborate by sending data to help train and improve existing models, it is also possible to propose new models that can be included as a service on the platform.

One of the models already available is the Pavement Analysis AI, in the urbanism model, and can be downloaded by registered users. This artificial intelligence model is a convolutional neural network that was trained to perform evaluations of the pavement of public roads. The model receives a photo as input and performs an analysis on the quality of the pavement, returning a number from 0 to 1 that represents how good the pavement is, the closer to 0 the better the quality, the closer to 1 the worse the quality. A return of up to 0.20, for example, means that the floor is of good quality. A return of 0.20 to 0.70 is already an alert that the analyzed pavement has a crack or a small hole. A return above 0.70 usually represents the identification of a large crack or a large hole.

The model can be used in mobile applications and cameras attached to vehicles that capture images and analyze them when moving. The points where there are problems in the pavement can be georeferenced.

With this initiative, PROCEMPA and NAVI AI New Ventures seek to encourage the development of innovative solutions that can contribute to improving the quality of life of citizens and to the economic growth of cities. For more information visit the link: or follow us on social media e @procempa


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