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Signature of the Cooperation Agreement between NAVI and Procempa

On February 28, an important milestone for the city of Porto Alegre took place: the signing of the cooperation agreement between the Artificial Intelligence Hub NAVI AI New Ventures and Procempa - Companhia de Processamento de Dados de Porto Alegre. The objective of this partnership is to promote the development of artificial intelligence in the city, bringing benefits to the local economy and the quality of life of the population. NAVI is an artificial intelligence hub that aims to boost startups and projects in the field of AI. Procempa is a public company that offers information technology solutions for the city of Porto Alegre and other public and private institutions. Together, these companies will be able to develop projects that aim to apply artificial intelligence in different areas, from public management to the private sector. Rodrigo Leal, leader of Navi, pointed out that “this approach meets our purpose, to benefit the city through the potential of each actor involved, each one exploring their assets and collaborating”, he points out. Leal presented Navi, which connects entrepreneurs, corporations, investors and researchers to foster startups with the support of Artificial Intelligence. He also presented the Ethical and Safe Artificial Intelligence Network (RAIES), a project that seeks solutions to institute policies for the development of ethical and safe AI.

The partnership between NAVI AI New Ventures and Procempa should generate important impacts for the city of Porto Alegre. With the development of AI projects, it will be possible to increase the efficiency of public services, reduce costs and improve the quality of life of the population. In addition, the partnership can also generate new job opportunities and attract investment to the city.

This is an initiative that should be celebrated and supported by all citizens of Porto Alegre. Wait for more news!


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