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Partnership signed between the startup Privacy Tools and Ernesto Dornelles Hospital!

The NAVI Deep Tech Challenge program is a challenge portal in which companies present internal problems to technology-related startups, in order to seek innovative solutions in the market that aim to solve corporate business problems. In the second cycle of the NAVI DeepTech Challenge, focused on the health area, a partnership was signed between the startup Privacy Tools, which is a PrivacyTech, a privacy management tool, and Ernesto Dornelles Hospital, a private institution, which has 312 beds and 33 medical specialties.

The hospital's exposed problem, similar to that of many health institutions, was the need to structure/implement the service process for data subjects, data flow mapping, corrective action plans, risk analysis, cookie management and publication of the privacy portal. Thus, the startup provided as a solution the tool capable of meeting these needs, as well as the follow-up to execute the implementation of the environment according to the needs of the business.

Throughout the process of the cycle and the PoC, NAVI was very important for leveling the stakeholders and the GRSI team to help decision-making in relation to competitors. The negotiation and consolidation of the partnership with Privacy Tools was not only due to service of the necessary requirements, it was also given as a strategic vision of partnership to assist our institution in the path of compliance and excellence of results in relation to data protection challenges with a commitment to boosting business objectives through a culture of information security .

We are already in the 3rd cycle of the program and for more information visit NAVI DeepTech Challenge.


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