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NoHarm selected by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to Revolutionize with LLM

We are delighted and proud to share the news: announced today that it is the winner of a Grand Challenges grant – an initiative that promotes innovation to solve global health and development issues and funded by the Bill Foundation & Melinda Gates.

Big language models have changed the way we interact with technology, allowing machines to understand, manage, and manipulate human language in surprisingly natural ways. The Foundation has been a driving force in promoting technological advances to address global challenges, and the selection of NoHarm for its LLM development project is clear proof of the potential impact the company can have on the world.

We believe that the grant will bring significant advances in the development of language models that have the potential to improve accessibility, education and communication around the world, as it is an initiative that promotes innovation to solve global health and development problems .

Henrique Dias and Ana Helena, the founders of NoHarm, who will carry out a global research project in health and development focused on Catalyzing Equitable Artificial Intelligence (AI) Use, entitled NoHarm Summary Discharge.

The NoHarm Summary Discharge project envisions a decision support system to help physicians write better discharge summaries. One of the main challenges of hospital discharge is the maintenance of continued care. The discharge summary is a foundation that seeks to guarantee essential information from the patient's discharge to the next providers. Rede Dasa and the startup are also partners in the project, whose pilot hospitals are São Lucas da PUCRS, Ernesto Dornelles, Mãe de Deus and Santa Casa de BH.

These next steps are in line with the solution that NoHarm has been developing since 2019, which boils down to the development of two algorithms to automate pharmaceutical screening. While one prioritizes non-standard prescriptions, the other works on identifying critical patients. The system indicates where the possible prescription errors are, increasing the quality of care and hospital efficiency.

In addition to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, NoHarm receives support from CNPq and BNDES for the development of new projects for the SUS, three awards from the Google Latin America Research Awards (LARA), in addition to institutional support from Tecnopuc and NAVI (Artificial Intelligence Hub). The Mãe de Deus and Santa Casa Hospitals, both in Porto Alegre, welcomed the project and decided to implement the system in the daily routine of clinical pharmacy. There are currently more than 80 hospitals and 20,000 beds monitored every day.

So we want to extend our congratulations to the team at NoHarm on this achievement. Your contributions and dedication are paving the way for a smarter, more connected future where technology works for the greater good of humanity.

Congratulations NoHarm on this well-deserved award!

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