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Innovation Partnership: Hub NAVI AI New Ventures and Alura team up to drive innovation

We are pleased to announce a strategic innovation partnership between Hub NAVI and Alura Para Empressas. This collaboration promises to accelerate the development of innovative solutions and boost the technological progress of the startups present in the hub!

Alura is a leading company in the technology education market, the largest online technology school in Brazil, offering high quality online courses and relevant content for professionals from different areas. A series of courses, content and solutions to prepare technology talent for the future of business.

Programming, Data Science, Digital Transformation and Soft Skills are some of the areas you can find!

NAVI gives you access to all Alura courses for 20 days free of charge, just access the link in bio, and register your company to take advantage of this opportunity.

We are excited about the possibilities this partnership will bring. Together, HUB Navi AI New Ventures and Alura Para Empresas are committed to driving technological innovation and driving growth in our industries. We look forward to successfully collaborating on exciting projects, sharing knowledge and reaching new milestones towards an even brighter future.

📲 To learn more, visit the link or follow us on the networks and @aluraparaempresas < /p>


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