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The Hub has ample space for holding events and meetings. As a proposal of the Hub's operating model, the space's infrastructure provides an immersive and diverse experience to resident entrepreneurs and researchers.

Therefore, the space is ideal for startups and groups to hold workshops, talks, pitches and lectures. The exchange of experiences and open dialogue is encouraged among the various members of the Hub. For this reason, the Hub is organized with central and shared tables, a pantry accessible to all members, restrooms and a reception room.

In addition, startups and research groups have individual stalls with recessed walls to increase visibility and interactivity between work groups, as well as private meeting rooms for topics that require greater attention and caution.

The hub has more than 80 jobs.
With ongoing space expansion and remodeling projects, the Hub seeks to provide the best work experience for NAVI members and stakeholders!


Organization of events and lectures for the market, startups and interested parties. 

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