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Mapping of the Rio Grande do Sul Health Innovation Ecosystem in RS Saúde Digital

A pact for innovation in health in the state of Rio Grande do Sul

With the aim of including Rio Grande do Sul on the global innovation map, the Inova RS program has been consolidated in eight regional innovation ecosystems in the State – Metropolitan and North Coast; South; Fronteira Oeste and Campanha; Central; Vales; Noroeste and Missões; Produção e Norte and Serra e Hortênsias -, based on the interconnected actions of organized civil society and the business, academic and governmental sectors.

In 2030, the Metropolitan Region and North Coast will be a global reference in innovation through a strategy of intelligent specialization in health, education, creative economy and information and communication technology – ICT, fostering entrepreneurship to develop and attract talent , through the use of research capacity and digital technologies to promote and increase economic and social development.

The RS Saúde Digital project aims to encourage the development and application of innovative and digital solutions for the area of citizen-centered health in the Metropolitan Region and North Coast of the State of RS.


The city of Porto Alegre is home to the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS< /u>), elected the best private university in Brazil in the last 3 years (MEC, 2020), considered in range 4 on the MEC's IGC scale of 1 to 5 (INEP, 2019), and was also elected the best school of Private Medicine in Brazil according to the Folha University Ranking in 2018 (Folha, 2018). Furthermore, the Federal University of Health Sciences is located in the region.

Production: Government of RS, Feevale University, FundMed;

Support: PalmaIOT, Porto Alegre City Hall e Sindihospa.Check out the mapping on the website: < /p>


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